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Instead of telling yourself this, try...

Often we're taught to reason and rationalize with our emotions. Or we might be taught to drown them out, distance ourselves or do anything other than move towards them and listen.

Often when we try to tame, manage, push down, or rationalize our feelings, they actually escalate on the inside. When we turn towards our feelings, they don't get bigger (although parts of us might believe they do! If so, listen there first).

It's the first magic trick of IFS.

Turning towards our feelings actually helps them feel softer, and not as loud.

Compassion therefore isn't a soft, easy way out that causes more problems.

Compassion is courage that creates change from the inside out.

Here is one example around body image, but you can try similar statements around many different thoughts and feelings:

Why am I chatting so much about emotions and feelings right now? Because when all of the different parts of us learn to trust us, and we can offer healing and leadership inside, actually everything else changes - we become naturally more grounded, and have a bigger picture of health, movement, nutrition, purpose and connection.

I want that for all of us.

Interested to find out more about how to work with some of these parts? Then check out here - I offer a free discovery call and a sliding scale for those interested in working 1:1 on IFS with me.


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