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Blurry Drops

Internal Family Systems

All parts of you are welcome.

be deeply held in your greatest growth & expansion

IFS sessions are an intimate high-touchpoint container, where we cultivate the safety and trust required to profoundly heal.

heal your trauma;
release mental and energetic blocks;
reconnect with your mind-body-soul;
so that you can embody who you truly are, and were meant to be.
if you feel like you've "tried everything"; you've maybe done the basic healing stuff, you've been to talk therapy (maybe even for years), and you find yourself running in the same circles, anxious, triggered, in the exact same way...​

You might be struggling with:

- connection to your soul self

- healing deep wounds from past experiences

- releasing repressed anger, frustration, shame and guilt

-living in harmony with all of your emotions

- your relationship to food

- disordered eating patterns

- body confidence/image or confidence in general

- self-esteem

- criticizing yourself

- people pleasing

- procrastinating

- letting yourself rest and burning out

- having more self-compassion

- expressing your creativity

- making a big decision

- difficult relationship with your body and/or food

- sticking to a habit

- all or nothing mindset


My main modality of working is IFS, but I am also informed by:

  • polyvagal theory

  • emotional freedom technique

  • sensorimotor psychotherapy

  • biodynamic breathwork

Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) of therapy* is a highly effective, evidence-based therapeutic framework grounded in systems thinking. IFS was developed in response to clients’ descriptions of various parts within themselves as a way to “de-pathologize” the multi-part personality.

Put simply, you might recognize this when someone says something like 'a part of me feels excited about this, but another part of me also feels anxious'. Parts are a way to describe how we can think and feel so many different things, often at the same time.


It is incredibly gentle way of working, that truly honours all parts of you (because all parts are good!), and can offer great healing. For more on this, take a read of this short blog post I wrote on it. 

'IFS is one of the fastest-growing therapy* approaches in the world — because it works! Using a non-pathologizing, evidence-based approach to healing, IFS effectively works with the client’s inner parts for transformative outcomes with PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and more.'
- Internal Family Systems Institute

Unfortunately, for many of us, the human experiences of trauma, hurt, stress, and social and cultural programming, have led us to believe that we are less than; that we are not worthy or capable; that our voice doesn't deserve to be heard; that love is conditional; that we must make ourselves small to belong; that we should restrict ourselves to a fixed identity; that life has to be hard; that we cannot trust in our own inner knowing.

and I can tell you from experience and science - that is all simply not true.

IFS is life-changing.

It has been for me.

It has been for my clients.

Not only does it offer a game-changing new way to look at the world, your mind, body and soul, but it offers healing on the deepest level, which combined with somatic approaches,  is about dissolving trauma from the root so that you no longer need to analyze or simply just cope.

I offer a FREE thirty minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work together, if you are comfortable and to answer any questions.

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You can only take others as deep as you've gone yourself.

I don't treat this work lightly.
I walk the walk.
I am incredibly committed to embodying the work that I teach.

My experience/training with IFS (over 161 hours):


Stepping Stones (Jan 23)

Advanced Weekend: Deepening your Core Practice (Jun 23)

Informed IFS Trauma and Dissociation Workshop with Joanne Twombly (Sept 23)


With IFSI:

Online Circle (Oct 22)

Continuity Program (April 23)


Step One Somatic IFS with Susan McConnell (Ireland, October 23)

Integrating Somatic Techniques into Therapy (Life Architect, December 23)

My own ongoing IFS consultation and therapy.

Blurry Drops

I offer a sliding scale because I believe strongly that therapy should be accessible.

You being honest about your financial situation helps to grow a healthy and sustainable community, and enables access for those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility.

I offer a FREE thirty minute discovery call to see if we'd be a good fit, if you're comfortable and to answer any questions.

Blurry Drops

or £260/month for 1 session per week

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity. By choosing this price, you are “paying it forward” and contributing to a more equitable world by supporting access for those with less.

Blurry Drops

or £200/month for 1 session per week

For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.

Blurry Drops

or £148/month for 1 session per week

For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.

Choose Your Frequency

The most popular options are 2 sessions a week, 1 session a week and once a fortnight. It's often important to feel like you're staying in the process, especially around healing work; we can discuss the frequency of sessions you need for your specific circumstances, experience and needs.

Personalized Integration Plan

I create a personalised integration plan for your journey in the form of an editable document shared with you. This might include any practices for outside of sessions, modalities, pace, schedule etc. This is your plan, so we edit as you go and as you choose what is working for you.

Messaging Support

Outside session support is offered via Quenza, an app that can be used on your computer or mobile phone. It allows documents to be shared, instant messages to be sent and activities to be completed all within one secure and confidential place.

Free Discovery Call

I offer a FREE thirty minute discovery call to see if we'd be a good fit, if you're comfortable and to answer any questions.


Please note, I am NOT a therapist (I am an IFS practitioner), meaning:

I don’t offer crisis support outside of sessions. I don't diagnose conditions or work with medicines or medication. 

I don’t work with clients who are at risk of harming to themselves or others when dysregulated, such as physical violence, overuse of substances where overdose is possible, or mood dysregulation severe enough to endanger the client’s physical safety or job. 


I do work with clients on issues for which they don’t have a diagnosis.

If you would like to know more or have specific questions about the ways in which I work and whether they would suit you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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