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Struggling with lack of motivation?

In our Circle community, I led a session that helped feel into choices - specifically choices where we feel torn between two different courses of action.

Examples might be:

'I really want to go for a run, it's a beautiful day outside' vs 'I'm just too tired to run today.'

'I'm feeling awful, a whole bag of crisps would really help right now' vs 'you really shouldn't eat that much'

It's called a Two Hands meditation and it's designed (based on IFS) to help give some space and understanding to the different thoughts and feelings you have around decisions. You can use it for any choice you make where you feel there's a bit of a conflict internally!

In our Circle community, we meet weekly with a different monthly theme to focus on the different aspects of our health: calmness, movement, mindset and nutrition. Find out more here.

If you might also be interested in some IFS sessions with me, drop me a message at and let's chat!

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