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Strength vs. Endurance Training

All weight lifting wasn't created equal.

It was about a year ago, under the guidance of my husband Peter, a former power lifter, that I discovered training for strength. And it has transformed the way I train and also the way I see my body.  Before, not really into weights, I would do what is termed 'training for endurance’. That means low weights and high reps, for instance repeating the exercise 12-15 times for each set. Then 1-2 minutes rest in between sets, and repeat. Almost all exercises classes are like this, as it allows a high intensity full body workout, with participants leaving feeling like they've worked hard. Training for strength is a completely different ball game. I will do some body weight/low weight repetitions for a warm up, and then working sets for strength training are a maximum of 5/6 reps, with 5 minutes rest in between. Some research even suggests a rest that is up to 7 minutes or longer in between sets! You therefore feel like you're working out a lot less in actually a longer amount of time. Progress is seen in strength training over months not weeks therefore. It takes time for your body to adapt, and the nervous system, tendons, ligaments and core muscles get stronger and provide enough stability to progress. But it is a very satisfying process. Feeling stronger is a very powerful feeling. Bear in mind, that strength training is not body building and a women's body and muscles don't respond to training in the same way as a man's body does. We don't have the testosterone levels that allow muscles to build in the same way. So why would we want to strength train? To improve overall body composition (look leaner/more 'toned'), to increase bone density, increase functional movement and overall muscular balance. To become more mentally and physically powerful. Doing it wrong though leaves a very high potential for injury! So it's worth investing in someone who knows that they're doing… How does everyone feel about strength training? Anyone tried it and loved it? Anyone not like it and why? 



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