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Welcome HOME

It's time to come home to yourself

A 16-week compassion-first online group journey to create peace with food, your body, mind and beyond


so that you can step into the relaxed, peaceful, confident woman you were always supposed to be.

Imagine what life might be like in 16 weeks...

Right now:

After work, you grab the all snacks because you’re bored, stressed, sad, anxious and ‘deserve it’ and then feel bad about it for the rest of the night, swearing to “make up for it” the next day. It feels like a constant battle between your hunger and the food police.


After coming HOME:

You spend your evenings doing things that satisfy your SOUL and feel peaceful, knowing you have a full toolkit to support yourself. The snack drawer is still there and full, but you can choose what you want to eat and enjoy it. You are able to make choices that feel good and not should. You're not worrying all evening about what to eat or what you just ate or trying to resist temptation; you get to be present with your loved ones and doing the things you enjoy.

Right now:

Your inner critic is SO good at criticising you; in the mirror, after that piece of cake, when trying on clothes. You can't ever imagine loving your body the way it is, or not wanting to lose weight or go on a diet.


After coming HOME:

You relate to yourself in an ENTIRELY different way, with more openness, curiosity and compassion. You appreciate all the parts of you and how they are trying to help. You can’t believe how GOOD you feel inside. It feels like freedom and healing; you can look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate your body.

Right now:

You are tired of trying to make yourself work out at the end of a long day/week, promising yourself you’ll definitely do it tomorrow, and burn off those jaffa cakes from this afternoon. Exercise feels like punishment, like it has to be hard and awful.


After coming HOME:

You enjoy moving your body, you’re confident in what you’re doing and why, and it no longer feels like a battle to stay consistent. You know to feel curious around any lack of motivation now, and you're tuned into strength, how good it feels for your body to be able to do something and connected to it.

Right now:

You get to the end of a long week and feel like you’ve had NO time for yourself, and you’re just as stressed, anxious and over-worked as you were at the end of last week.


After coming HOME:

You are able to show up for yourself, put yourself first AND that helps you show up BETTER for your partner/children/friends/work. You're learning to be the relaxed woman you always longed to be, and never saw growing up.

Right now:

You hate your weight, hate your body, you're always trying to diet or if you aren't, thinking you really should be.


After coming HOME:

You don't even feel tempted to diet because you know your outside will reflect the changes inside - and they are MASSIVELY different. The lightness, freedom, curiosity and compassion you have for yourself, your body and your mind is the journey and the goal and the practice.


Wait list for next round

Get yourself on the wait list for exclusive first access and bonuses. 

Doors open early 2024

The Four Pillars of coming HOME

Raise your hand if:

  • You have really struggled with food in the past (and still continue to)

  • Accepting and loving your body feels impossible

  • You worry what your current health might lead to long term

  • You’re too stressed and busy and overwhelmed to relax

  • You want some real, actionable steps to take

  • You feel like you’ve struggled alone for far too long


And now, I am here to tell you...


You can:

  • Feel healthy and strong in your body

  • Find more peace and freedom in eating

  • Heal from long-term patterns to find more happiness now

  • Step into the magic of compassion-first change

  • Become the relaxed women you always dreamed of being, and never saw growing up

  • Thrive again, with calm, energy and confidence

Just IMAGINE the change you can begin 2024 with.


When we embarked on Home, I don't think any of us had any idea of what to really expect. It was a very supportive group - we got to know each other over the 16 weeks, cheered the successes and commiserated with things that were not going so well or were difficult. It felt like a very warm group to be involved with and reminded me of what that warm support feels like - a reminder to give a bit more of it to myself!


I loved the things that people shared on WhatsApp. It felt great getting little missives, experiences and humour throughout the week. 


It's given me a lot to think about. I think the main thing is being nicer to myself. Being supportive, kind and understanding to myself in a way that I don't think comes naturally to me. I'm trying to take the feeling that the group generated and keep it warm around me.

How does it work?

  • 16 week journey (see the dates tab for further information).

  • 1 hour weekly group coaching calls

  • replay available afterwards

We meet weekly for 1 hour via Zoom, during which there will be a check-in, and the main coaching experience/activities.


Each session interweaves the four pillars depending on what we are focusing on and what the group needs. An example might be: the session opens with breath work, meditation, or movement. We then share our check-ins as a group, followed by the main group activity which might be journalling, IFS, coaching activities, group work etc.


We close session together after 1 hour, and then the space remains open, should you wish to stay, for a further 20 minutes for questions, further support and connection.

A replay of each meeting will be available afterwards. You are asked to join the majority of sessions live (a group isn't a group without people there!), although of course we expect life to happen and something to come up occasionally!

The group will become your safe space; where we ask for what we need, offer what we are able to, and create a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate sisterhood.

Hi, I'm Caroline

10 years ago, I felt insignificant, self-doubting with a relationship to food and my body that felt HARD. 18 year old me would have only liked my wrists as a body part.


As I started strength training, my confidence grew and I started leaning into ALL the things that made me feel like ME again: sleep, stress, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.


This led me to the focus of my business - deep health. Deep health is about recognising that our health is so much more than how we eat and how we move.

I am not the expert instilling something that is missing in you: YOU are the magic, the strength and the true expert in your own life and challenges. Coaching with me is about tapping into that which already exists in you, and bringing that forth to create your own journey.

Img (110 of 111) (1) (1).jpg
You think there must be a better way to live than “I’m so busy, I’m not good enough, I hate my body, I don't know how to feel ok about food, I’m so stressed…”

…and you want someone who HAS been doing it a different way for a long term to look you in the eyes and tell you “yes, you can do it differently” and offer you a different way to connect with yourself and move forwards..

Yes, you can do it differently.

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