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I help you come home to your bodies, and unlock holistic, long-lasting confidence, strength, peace and power in yourself.

I'm interested in changing your life; a client-first, compassion-first approach that allows you to incorporate your goals into a lifestyle that works for you, and packages provide the best way to deliver outstanding and holistic support that truly care for the individual.

 I don't want to seduce you with promises of easy, simple work and fast results. I want to help you expand your capacity to experience complexity and discomfort. I want to help you build the wisdom, discernment and stamina that will carry you through the longer journey it takes to build something with strong roots and sustainability.

This is what sets me apart; I take a much more rounded approach to helping. These are not just quick fixes; I give you the tools to feel how you want to feel.


I believe the magic is within you, and together we will find it.

That's my ultimate goal; to empower you.

Prepare for a completely different approach. 

I don’t have your average personal trainer skill set. I am unique in offering a holistic care package; fitness, wellness, nutrition, stress, sleep, mindset and yoga. I offer a very different approach from a personal trainer: I coach from a holistic, client-centered, compassion-first change perspective.
I am not the expert instilling something that is missing in you: YOU are the magic, the strength and the true expert in your own life and challenges. Coaching with me is about tapping into that which already exists in you, and bringing that forth to create your own journey.
Coaching with me is about stepping into your own personal confidence, strength, peace and power.
My education background is in Science and then I taught Chemistry in a secondary school for 10 years; managing teenagers is not to be underestimated! I am a highly experienced educator and motivator and I excel at encouraging growth mind set; the belief that you can do it.
Science backed, soul led.
I am trained in vinyasa flow yoga. Yoga helps connect your mind and body - it helps create both strength and suppleness in your body, as well as peace and equanimity in your mind. We can help build safety and connection with your body, breath and nervous system. We can explore breathing, meditation and mindfulness to build the relationship with your thoughts and the connection you have to everything around you.
I also am an IFS-informed practitioner. Internal Family Systems is a therapy modality that helps you dive deeper into your emotional health . Learn more about how IFS can help you here.
We pursue what YOU are most interested in and we build your journey together:
as a team, with you at the helm.

Qualifications and Education

Degree in Medical Biochemistry


Masters in Education

Level 2 Gym Instructing

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Level 3 Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach

200 hour yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (RQF)

Level 1 EFT (emotional freedom technique) with The EFT Centre

Integrating Somatic Techniques in Therapy with Life Architect

Level 3 Counselling with Heartwood Counselling and Psychotherapy


Internal Family Systems Informed Practitioner:

IFS Institute Online Circle & Continuity Programme (up to date)

Stepping Stones & Advanced Weekend with IFSCA

Informed IFS Trauma and Dissociation: The Workshop with Joanne Twombly

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