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boutique fitness & wellness hub just outside of Harrogate




We invite our whole health; a peaceful, beautiful place where we can lift weights, breathe, flow and chill on a sofa making friends. A place where we listen to our bodies, and do hard things. A place where we can welcome all parts of ourselves and grow together. We’re here to fill the gap in the way we approach our health; our deep health is physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and environmental. We’re going to include creativity, connection and laughter. 



Moving our body is called a 'bottoms up' approach to change i.e. we start with the body, and it changes the way we feel. Therapy/counselling/coaching is a 'top down' approach i.e. we start with our feelings, and it changes our body/life. Our approach to change is BOTH bottoms up AND top down - and that means they meet in the magic middle.


Everything we do is all based on the same philosophy; all parts of you are welcome. We have training in counselling skills and IFS therapy, and have a compassion-first approach. We believe in embodying our work so you won’t be greeted by egos, or agenda; we’re pretty straight talking folks! You won’t get any kind of conversation shoved in your face, but you will find that any and everything that you bring with you, and who you are, is welcome.



We believe life comes in seasons, and our emphasis is always on the bigger picture; our deep health. It’s not always do more, be more. We think about longevity, sustainability and we adapt to the day, week and season knowing that you’re going to want and need different things at each point. We’re about both/and, not either/or (hence our name!).


‘Fresh Air &’ is both a life philosophy, and a war cry. We are deeply rooted in sustainability and making an impact in the world around us. We believe in cyclical and regenerative living, both for ourselves and in our business. We stand for putting ourselves first so that we can pour back deeply into others and the earth, creating the future we envision for ourselves, future generations and the world.

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We are the deep breath of fresh air, right when you need it.

what we offer


Grab your intro offer:

3 sessions for just £36

from our weekly timetable

Women Holding Hands
Llifting Weights




  • We are not a class: we are small group personal training

  • It's actually personal:

    • max 6 people per session​

    • we adapt to you

  • Simple, clever, effective​

  • Strength training

  • Long term programming

  • Mobility


  • Yoga, meditation & breath work sessions



​Small group courses running for 4, 8 or 16 weeks, with max 4 people:

  • Peaceful eating

  • Intro to meditation

  • Intro to breath work 

  • Stress & burnout 

  • Anxiety

  • People pleasing

  • IFS therapy



  • sound baths

  • book club

  • member brunches


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