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Hi, I'm Caroline

I help women step into strength and self-healing with their mind, body and relationship to food. Fresh Air &  ’ helps women move outside the box for themselves: in their health, their habits, how they feel and who they are. We are 

strong  &  soft

powerful  &  peaceful

fierce  &  compassionate

bold  &  sensual

connected  &  expansive.


I help women embrace ‘both/and’ instead of ‘either/or’, because our health, emotions, minds, bodies and lives are so much more complex and brilliantly beautiful than the ‘should’ and ‘should nots’. We stand for defining ourselves, strong boundaries, self-compassion and bold action.
It's time to start looking after the WHOLE messy, wonderful you: mental, emotional, and physical health. It's time to make peace with food and cultivate your inner confidence.
No matter what your goals are, what your body is like or what your experience is, there is a place here for you. 

I love strength training, blueberries, being upside down, hugs, running and coffee on a weekend. I'm an all out geek who loves learning how to lead the biggest, fullest and most joyful life - and helping you do the same.

I offer powerful one-to-one and group coaching programmes that care for and empower you.

nutrition, mindset & trauma coach | yoga teacher | IFS informed practitioner | personal trainer


Come home to your mind &  body

Two Dried Leaves

IFS Therapy

I offer mindset coaching that uses Internal Family Systems therapy; it is incredibly gentle way of working, that truly honours all parts of you, and can offer great healing. It can help with criticizing yourself, people pleasing, procrastinating, burn out, making a big decision, your relationship with food, alcohol, and your body, being less reactive and creating more peace and compassion internally.

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Welcome Home

It's time to come home to yourself

A 16-week compassion-first online group journey to create peace with food, your body, mind and beyond


so that you can step into the relaxed, peaceful, confident woman you were always supposed to be.

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One-to-One Coaching & PT

Are you ready for a fitter, stronger and more powerful you? With a holistic, caring and habit-based approach, you will learn how to make small, sustainable changes that ultimately empower you and transform your life. I coach in nutrition, stress, sleep and mindset.

What's the difference?

kindness & curiosity & compassion

How about you start now, for free?


Befriend your inner critic

Does your inner critic feel like the loudest part of you? And trying to manage, beat or overcome your inner critic doesn't work? Then try this meditation and journal questions to befriend your inner critic and relate to them like you never have before. 

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Do you struggle with emotional eating?

I googled emotional eating. Every resource, article etc. was about *fighting* your inner emotional eater.


A different approach: we don’t need to stop, fight, or gain control of this part of you.


All that does is escalate the situation, and put you through a cycle of eat, shame, restrict, repeat. Try this instead.


Fresh Air &


On the Blog


Stretching Exercises

What is the best diet?

What the best diet for YOU, in your life, with your challenges, actually is.

Eating Time

Into intuitive eating

We all have a relationship with food, and that relationship lasts for our lifetime.


Women on the Beach

non-scale victories

For when you're making progress but hate the scales... how do you measure fitness, strength and all the gains you're making?

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Will lifting weights make me bulky?

Not only do I answer this question definitively here, but there's a very important question for you too...


Women Laughing on Beach

What to do when your clothes don't fit

Bodies change.

At some point, we are going to have clothes that don't fit.

This is what to do with them.

Business Owner

Internal Family Systems Therapy

What internal family systems (IFS) therapy is, why it excited me and how it might be able to help you.


What do you need today?

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Work with me one-to-one to begin or continue your journey to your full picture of health, confidence and strength.

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