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Emotional eating

Befriend your emotional eating, instead of trying to fight it.

  Caroline Dunne

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we do this together

A different approach: we don’t need to stop, fight, or gain control of this part of you.


All that does is escalate the situation, and put you through a cycle of eat, shame, restrict, repeat. It might feel loud, chaotic or out of control inside when we take this approach.


Intention 1: let’s create awareness (without judgement) of what’s going on here


Intention 2: how can we meet this with kindness and curiosity?


Kindness and curiosity aren’t wishy washy: offering that inside of yourself is not going to give permission to your inner emotional eater to do whatever it likes and take over your life more.


Listening to your inner emotional eater, lets you see how hard they’ve been working to keep you safe and protected.


Instead, it’s the pathway to real compassion.

It’s the pathway to real courage.

It's the pathway to real change.


It's the pathway to a different way of living.

I googled emotional eating. Every resource, article etc. was about *fighting* your inner emotional eater.

I'm really enjoying having a space and time to think about my relstionship with food and myself. I'm finding looking at things from a parts point of view and allowing them all space really helpful. I feel it is allowing me time to grow my thinking as opposed to a one size fits all approach/relying on someone else to offer a magic solution.

- Victoria

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