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Connect to your Body & Release Stress

Join me for this 30 minute movement experience to connect to your body and release stress, tension and anything else you've been holding onto! (Please read below before you hit play).

(I have to say this bit - If at any point any of the practices don't feel good to you then please stop, take a break, take the time you need and look after yourself. Often, less is more when we begin this journey. Make sure you are not driving or anywhere where it would be unsafe to feel drowsy, fall asleep or feel light headed. Please check with your medical professional if you are pregnant or have any medical or heart conditions before commencing a breathing or movement practice. You are responsible for yourself during our time together in this session).

As we're here sharing space, energy, growth and release together, I'm going to ask that your thinking, logical mind (who might wonder what the heck we're doing and why!) can give us some space here. This experience is a gift to your body, without it needing to 'make sense' (although if you're curious and have questions, absolutely send me a message).

P.S. It's not unusual to feel your body release stuff during these practices: for example, crying at the end of a practice is a VERY common occurrence, especially if this is one of the first times you have connected with your body in this way for a very long time.

AND whether you experienced that or not, what an amazing GIFT to have given to your body by doing this together.

Send yourself some love and gratitude for this.

For this breath, for this body, for this moment.

If you loved this session, then this is just a taster of the full experience you can get inside my new programme Home. It's a 16 week online journey to come home to your mind, body and relationship to food.

Doors are open NOW until the end of today (Monday 4th September 2023) - it's the VERY LAST chance to join this time. Learn more and sign up here today.


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