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New Year's Resolutions and Planting Seeds

Yes, I know it is May and not January!! These are a long distant memory for most people now right? But hear me out.

I found myself reflecting on them this week. I have had every relationship going with New Year’s resolutions; from making a long list and not doing any of them, not setting any because it’s a waste of time, to choosing just one small thing and concentrating on that. Needless to say, that last approach was the most successful!

This year I had three or four resolutions. Only one has truly stuck and the enjoyment and benefits I have found have been surprising, so I thought I’d share. Instead of the radio, I have been listening to podcasts on my way to work. This was such a small change to my normal routine that it was very easy to implement.

I find it easy to get caught up in the daily ‘grind’; all the jobs, chores and life admin that take up time. I feel like a little worker ant running around. Therefore my head becomes a little box, all consumed with lots of little things that I think are important. Listening to podcasts has opened that up for me. Listening to new ideas, scientific research, inspiring messages, the big things that people have achieved and even just something positive in the morning has often set me up with a new perspective for the day.

They are making me think, helping to develop the positive mind-set I want to have and to look a bit bigger than the daily humdrum. I think that's important because as messy humans we can learn, be self-aware, think about our own thinking, have empathy and ultimately grow. Grow - and plants seeds for the rest of the world. 

If anyone has similar interests and would like some recommendations drop me a message, or if you have any recommendations of different podcasts to try, I’d love to hear them!

What New Year’s resolution has stuck for you? Why do you think it has? If not, what prevented you from sticking to them?


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