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Meet the Eating Parts

Get to know the parts of you that cope via eating:

The exile: the part of your feeling the shame, distress, despair, hopelessness, big feelings etc.

The eating part: reactive + protects you by distracting/numbing and lifts you out of the big feelings

The inner critic: the manager we're often the most aware of. Loudly criticizes you, your decisions and often really does not like the reactive eating part

The anxious part: can sense all of this inner conflict (that's A LOT going on internally, no?) and finds it all stressful

Each is trying to protect you. Each has your best interests at heart. Each thinks its way is the only way of doing things. Each of them is working SO hard to keep you safe.

Do any of these parts sound familiar to you? 👇 (watch out for part 2 when we'll be looking at how to help these parts 💕)

Want to know more about these parts? I chatted more about the different types of parts here.

If you might also be interested in some IFS sessions with me, drop me a message at and let's chat!

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