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Learn how to embody change in 2024

Let's face it, you probably have the experience of trying to change something about yourself or your life before - and this can be a great thing because it means you already know more about yourself.

And it can also be a little tricky, if parts of you are trying to protect you if previous attempts haven't worked out.

Let's dive into how you can actually embody change in 2024...

I often talk about embodying change as being on 'body time'. It is slower. We're not necessarily able (or willing) to adapt to something quickly.

Often we have to LIVE our way to change, like the slow unfurling of a bud. Softer change, not based on shame, I firmly believe is the way forward.

Both inside and outside of ourselves.

Interest to find out more, or need some more help with embodying change? Then check out here - I offer a free discovery call and a sliding scale for those interested in working 1:1 on IFS with me.


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