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Key ideas to come back to

I've been thinking a lot about this community recently - what we need, what we stand for, and how to best to care and grow for our health. I've been re-designing the membership (soon to be called 'The Circle'! Have a gander here) to combine nutrition, mindset, calm and movement coaching, live sessions and amazing support.

And whether or not you end up working with me one-to-one, are part of the membership, or you simply gather a little encouragement here along the way, I thought I'd remind us of a few things we need.

Come as you are, take what you need:

Long haul mentality - we’re doing this for life, for life

  • We know we’re investing in ourselves for life, for the foreseeable, and we're doing this so that we can create, enjoy and live life more.

  • Letting go of the all-or-nothing: we know life will always be lifey. We meet ourselves exactly where we’re at, and exactly as we are amidst the challenges and chaos.

  • We practice imperfection and are relentless: no matter how many times things fall apart, if it’s important to us, we start again, however small and imperfect that might look like.

  • Not pursuing high intensity, ‘no-pain no gain’, ‘be more’ approaches to our health and fitness

  • We focus on how we want to feel and who we want to be over aesthetics, weight loss, quick fixes or transformation. Our outcomes are the by-products of what we do.

Kindness & compassion

  • We build self-trust so that we learn to show up for ourselves, knowing we may never have been taught this in the past

  • We observe ourselves, we learn and we offer kindness and compassion to ourselves, in actions and in words.

  • We trust that each of us has the guidance and power we need already within us. We honour each person and we don’t presume to advise, fix or save one another

  • We’re curious about our mind, and how our body and nervous system experience life; perhaps very differently.

  • In a world that measures our worth in how much we do, we invest in our nervous systems and cultivate the relaxed woman within.

We’re after deep health

  • We recognise our health is so much more than just what we eat and how we move

  • We nourish and invest in our mind, body and soul equally, not pursuing any at the expense of another

  • We appreciate and honour the seasons of life, in the outside world, in our lives and internally. Our focus, capacity, goals, abilities, mind and bodies will all change. We’re here for the now.

  • We trust that small changes add up to remarkable results, knowing that there’ll be probably discomfort and frustration, but also hope, joy, surprise, connection and a deeper sense of self and peace within that process.

  • Our journey is about coming home to ourselves, and the sense of space, peace, power and strength that comes from that.

If these feel like a full-body yes from you, maybe we'd enjoy working together? And whether you do or you don't, come back here often and remind yourself of why we're doing this.

Love journeying with you :)

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