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I don't have the time

Or do you?

Often, when asked if I'm still teaching and I say yes, people go 'but how do you have the time?’. Well, I have fallen into the trap of saying ‘I don't have the time’ too many times, and I decided this year I need to be more aware of that.

After all, it is my time. I can choose how to spend it, and what to do with it. If I say 'I have no time’, it's down to my choices. So now if it's important, I make time for it. I prioritise ruthlessly. And then, if I don't manage to do something, it's not because 'I don't have the time' it's because I have mindfully made the choice that it wasn't high enough up on the priority list to do it today. But I am in control.

So how do you prioritise?

First of all make a list of everything you have to do. Often just putting it on paper makes it so much easier anyway.

Next, identify what is urgent - what MUST be done today. Get done the urgent stuff. Stop procrastinating and do it.

Next, look at what would be nice to get done today, but is actually not urgent. Look at the rest of your list and assess its value - and that value might not be just to your business, job or family, it might be you too. It's not working as priority list if you drop off it all the time!

Look at how much time each one will take and adapt your list in order to best fit your time that day. Sometimes it might be nice to get something important (but not urgent) done, but actually it doesn't fit into your day very well, and you end up stressed and with the job not done properly. A set of smaller, less important  tasks might fit your limited time that day better. Look to make use of all available time, rather than allowing a slack ten minutes (unless that is your priority at that point!).

And finally, your list at the start of the morning should look different by the evening - it's not carved into stone, adapt it! Take a deep breath. Relax. The world isn't going to end if you don't get through your list that day (usually). There's always tomorrow.


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