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How to cope with the cold winter mornings

Getting out of bed feels like it's getting pretty difficult right?

With the nights drawing in, temperatures dropping and our homes (and bed!) feeling ever more comfy and cosy, how do we motivate ourselves to get up and out and get a workout done? It's all in the preparation! I think if it as being kind to my future self. Here are some of my tips to make sure that morning workout does actually happen:

1. Put the alarm clock on the other side of the room. And jump straight out of bed to turn it off! Then you haven't given your brain enough seconds to wake up and tell you not too and so wham, the most painful part is done!

2. Get your workout gear ready. Or even wear it to bed. Set out all the separate bits, get your socks unfurled and laid out ready for your sleepy toes. Maybe even pop them on the radiator ready for yourself! Also, get all the rest of your gear ready in a bag - what you're going to wear, your shoes, your shower stuff, your water bottle. Give yourself as easy ride as possible by not having to think about it at all when you get up - you've already taken care of it!

3. Get all the lights on as soon as you can. Switch on as many lights as you can as you get up, to get your brain releasing all the wake-up chemical naturally. By engaging all the natural ways your body has to wake up, you'll be less likely to need the caffeine hit later.

4. Go to bed earlier. Enough sleep is a health necessity, not a luxury. If you're going to get up an earlier, you shouldn't sacrifice the hours sleep consistently. So set a reminder on your phone and use that as a prompt to start getting ready for bed. You'll thank yourself in the morning! Aim for 7-9 hours every single night.

5. Prep breakfast. With a busy morning, it's easy to forget you'll need some food pretty quickly after your workout. So have it ready! I have overnight oats in the fridge and prep my toppings. If you really struggle working out without something in you, consider making some power/energy balls that are ready to just pop into your mouth as you leave the house. This also includes a water bottle - get hydrated as quickly as you can.

Finally, I'll leave you with the promise that the thought of the early morning is far worse than it actually is! Plus you get the smug, happy feeling knowing you've got it out or the way and started the day in the best possible way.

What're your best ways to get yourself up and at 'em in the morning?


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