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A peek inside a session with me

Here is a peek inside some of my online 1:1 sessions, where we use IFS (internal family systems therapy).

I'm going to walk you through three sessions I had in the same day last week...

With one client, we have already spent a good 3-4 months on relationship to food, so we've already done a lot of work with the parts of her around food, and found so much more space and leave already. We've created a lot of trust and safety for all the parts of her.

On Friday we touched a much deeper part which involved holding and healing a hungry newborn part of her. I've experienced something similar myself; without any conscious thinking so having no idea what the 'story' was around this part, I got in contact with a pre-birth part in one of my sessions with my own therapist. We held it in a heartbeat. We witnessed its distress, and helped it release it (yes, it's possible, no it's not woo-woo. IFS is an evidence-based therapy modality that works on compassion, kindness, neuroscience - hi, neuroplasticity, and memory reconsolidation!). My client held this newborn part of her, who was able to take in comfort and love from her.

It's hard to put into words the profound impact this deep, deep work has, and it's just so incredible to facilitate/witness.

With another client, we worked with a part holding a large amount of fear that is making day-to-day life feel quite difficult. I think many of us know what its like to feel anxiety, panic, fear and overwhelm within our day, mind and body, right?

We got in touch with a part of her that holds hope as a light, and we witnessed it filling her whole body (sometimes these parts of us just need bringing into the present and integrating so they're available in the body now).

The fear part could tell she was different after this, and we worked a little bit around what the fear needs to be able not take over (listening and love )

In my final session that day, we worked with a part of a client holding anger.

Having met my own furious part last week on retreat, I just feel so much love and appreciation for this angry part, and how it tries to protect. The anger steps in when no one else is/was there. Listening to this anger, what it needs and letting it know it's not on its own any more with this responsibility of keeping us safe, is life-changing.

Because just how many of us repress, deny or fight the anger we feel?

Letting ourselves feel and process healthy anger is crucial for our health.

This 1:1 work lights me up. The women I work with LIGHT me up.

So yes, I help you with food and body and breath and all the malarky.

But can you see how we can also do so much more?

We don't just address the surface behaviours; we let change lead from the inside out.

And I find that SO exciting.

So hopeful.

So incredible.

Because change from in the inside out impacts everything.

Do you need some support too?

Then maybe it's time to fill in my 1:1 coaching application?

(I have a couple of spots available for this year, or you can put your name down to start in January.)

If we're a good fit, I'll contact you to arrange a free 30 minute discovery call (and you won't hear any pursuasing or convincing from me, that;s just not how I work - I want to know about you, to see if I'm the best person to support you).

Fill in the application here, (and start creating change for yourself from the inside out).



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