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You're NOT going to get Bulky

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I still come across this idea fairly regularly; the idea that women don't want to lift weights that are too heavy it case it makes them 'bulky'. Do you wonder about this? If so, read on...

I have several ideas on this that I want to tackle here...

First of all, aside from the truth of the matter, (which we will discuss below), why do we think 'bulky' is bad? What aesthetic ideal is driving us to make us think that 'bulky' is any less feminine, powerful, attractive and sexy?!

As we make positive changes to our health (and I mean physical, mental and emotional health), those changes will often manifest themselves in our bodies. Who therefore cares if those body changes mean we defy conventional beauty standards? Does our body have to take what we put into it and specifically using that to meet our expectations for our appearance? Or about it uses the movement, the nutrition, the rest and recovery to help us feel vibrant, amazing and thrive? I'm betting our body have these priorities straight, and yet we're taught not to trust our bodies.

Your body is a safe place.

Your body is a loving place.

Your body only loves you.

Your body has wisdom.

Your body has strength.

Your body does know what is best for it, for you.

It is safe to trust your body.

It is safe to trust your body.

It is safe to trust your body.

We should be reclaiming words like 'strong' and 'powerful' - for ourselves and for each other (because I know of, and have experienced, no harsher critic of women's bodies than women).

Because what is more attractive than a healthy, confident and empowered person?

No matter their size.

Now, to address the idea that lifting weight will make women bulky.

Number one.

Are you a male?


Ok, you don't need to worry. You don't have the testosterone levels to build muscle like that.

Number two.

Do you eat nothing but chicken and broccoli, workout for two hours a day, 6 days a week and take steroids, for years?


Then we're good.

It takes HARD WORK for women to build muscle, and muscle gains tend to happen over years. Yes progress can be seen in weeks with the beginner, but building muscle takes time.

So really, not lifting weights is because you don't want to get bulky is like not swimming because you don't want to look like Michael Phelps.

Lifting weights as a women is actually going to:

- increase lean muscle mass (and most of us actually love the aesthetic of that!)

- increase your bone density

- increases core strength

- increase self-esteem and confidence

- increasing strength and power

- improve posture and the way you stand

- help with mood and mental health

- help you get up and down off the toilet unaided in your old age

- help you get up off the floor if you fall

- improves joint strength and stability

- improves mobility and flexibility

- build lean muscle


Trust your body.

Give it a go.

Lifting weights helps us become bad-ass strong women, and the world needs more of that!

Do you already lift weights? What do you take from it? What advice you give to someone who's nervous about trying it?

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