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You are not the problem

You are not the problem.

Your body is not the problem.

Individualism is the problem.

Diet culture is the problem.

The education system is the problem.

Patriarchy is the problem.

All of this 👆 drives endless productivity, a stifling of humanity through inherited systems, a draining and extraction of our resources internally and externally, and a divorce from our body, intuition and connection to nature.

I said it.

I'm not being dramatic.

I'm not saying there isn't space for personal responsibility.

I AM looking at the bigger picture.

And what's real amongst what we've been told.

(I'm gonna unpack this way more in my free masterclass 👇👇)

No wonder we are f*cking exhausted to the bone, disillusioned - and desperate - feeling like we're failing because we can't figure it [our health, our stress, our vitality...] out for ourselves.

I'll say it again.

It's not you.

You didn't fail the diet, the goal, the health routine, the self-care...

They failed you.

The answer?

Collective care.

True connection.

Does this feel even a little bit true for you?

Then come and join me for my FREE Summer Shake Up series.. We're living emotionally exhausted so this is a masterclass to step into the relaxed women you want to be. We'll let go of stuff we didn't even know we needed to let go of. We'll connect with our bodies. For ourselves. For and with each other.

Turn up live or grab the replay afterwards.

Click here to register.



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