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Winter Warmer Day Retreat

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Sunday saw us host our first ever day retreat. I've been really excited about hosting this, having experienced some amazing retreats before in the past, and therefore I was excited for the experience could give to people and how I could create the best, most relaxing and amazing day for them.

We had five lovely humans take part, arriving at 10.30 am for hot drinks and snacks. I made little cashew and ginger power balls, which although they looked like little poos actually tasted delicious - like sticky gingerbread! We then came together to share an intention setting meditation (and to dive into our goody bags!), and shared some words about what we wanted to take from the day and share whilst we were together.

Following this, we did our morning yoga practice; a vinyasa flow with some slightly funky tunes. I like an uplifting song as we flow! There was a variety of yoga experience around the room, with some very new to the practice, so we focused on building strong foundations in our sun salutations and opening the hamstrings a little with pyramid pose. There were some horrified faces at cow face pose (quite an intense hip opener!) but everyone did so well. I guided everyone through a visualisation in savasana, our final relaxation.

Lunch time! Whilst some were imagining a picnic on the studio floor, we actually set up tables and benches and feasted together. On the menu, for it turned out to be a cold, wet February day, was minestrone soup, two types of salad and Peter's homemade sourdough! The bread was a triumph! This was followed by hot drinks and a flour-less orange and chocolate cake - of which everyone had seconds, with plentiful warming hot drinks.

After lunch, it was time for our wellness workshop which focused on meditation. We talked about why you might want to have some sort of meditation practice, what the benefits are and what the scientific evidence behind some of it is. I really wanted it to be helpful and practical as well, so we had a go at some breathing techniques and discussed ways to start a practice, some common challenges and some tools and apps to help us. It was really helpful to learn everyone's ideas that they came to the workshop with and we shared ideas and experience.

Our final hour together was spent doing restorative yoga. In contrast to the morning practice, which builds strength and suppleness, restorative yoga is very chilled, with plenty of props and blankets to relax and fully release into the poses. Everyone has a little head massage during a lengthy and blissful savasana before we ventured home. You can see some of the wonderful feedback that we received from the group and photos from the day below.

All in all, I loved hosting this day retreat. I loved creating a cosy, blissful and nourishing day for everyone. Look out for our spring dates soon and come and join us for your own spot of bliss on a Sunday!

"Thank you for a fabulous day! The meditation workshop was so uplifting. I loved the restorative yoga - I had the best night sleep for ages last night!"
"That lovely cake :-) I found the balance of yoga, discussion, workshop just right. I have come away feeling very positive and really appreciate the effort that went into the whole day and the hospitality and the food."
"The food at lunchtime was so good! The whole day was really well planned and thought out. I also felt like it was a safe space and people opened up, particularly in the meditation session about why it was, or would, benefit them. The restorative yoga was such as relaxing way to end the day."
"Right balance and timing - loved the restorative yoga. Caroline is so inspiring!" "Everything seemed to flow really well (no pun intended!) - from the intention setting through to the morning practice, everything was well paced. I loved the beautiful wholesome lunch and time to digest whilst sharing meaningful experiences and some theory behind meditation. Restorative yoga was the perfect way to end the day and I drifted out of the studio with a purposeful peace I haven’t felt for ages."
I'm new to yoga and the explanation were clear. There was a holistic nurturing feel to the whole day. Loved the chocolate cake!"


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