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What is healing (and what it's not) - in IFS therapy

The word 'healing' is bandied around a lot in the health and wellness space.

In the therapy modality I am trained in (internal family systems, check more out here), the word 'healing' means something very specific.

A client once gave me a really helpful analogy for this; a jigsaw puzzle, with light shining behind, and as we 'heal' each of the pieces, more light is able to shine through. Meaning more YOU is available.

*there are a couple of scenarios where the healing process might need to be 're-done', for instance if there is an experience in someone's life very like the original experience immediately after the healing process.

Key thing here is - healing is NOT talking about it.

Healing is connecting to the parts of us who need connection, compassion and release. It's experiential, it's not a logical/thinking process.

And it's available to you - whether you've experienced something big, or small, or are simply looking for a way to feel better, less stuck and experience more of what you want in life.

Find out more about how to do IFS with me here.


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