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The secret sauce...

A part of me judges me and says I'm too boring, too quiet, too unoriginal.

I don't do anything interesting.

I live a life of quiet moments.

I clean the kitchen.

I prep my meals.

I sit in the garden.

I walk around the village.

I read my books.

I see my clients.

And then it occurred to me that the whole secret sauce is in those quiet moments.

The moments that might seem uninteresting, but that are content.





And maybe that's actually what we're all after?

So that ultimately those quiet moments within ourselves feel good.

There's lightness.

There's a knowing that I'm enough.

And that you are too.

And when we find that light and shine from within, it fills up those little moments and overflows.

Other women see our light.

Our families can see our light.

We create. We flow. We're strong and we advocate for ourselves. We change. We move. We connect to a vision.

I love that I am ordinary and quiet and interesting. I'm ok that I'm not flashy and posting all the things I 'should' be posting on social media about my workouts and how to lose 10lb in 10 days.

Because my picture is bigger than that.

My little moments are happy.

And I want that for you too.

I hold that vision for you; that health, that happiness, that healing.

All it takes is one step towards it

If you're looking to create that lightness within, I have space for a couple more online clients to journey with their nutrition, movement, mindset mindfulness and therapy. Pop me an email with the word 'light' and let's chat - let's get you shining!

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