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The Podcast is Back!

My podcast is back!

It's now called 'We Are The Plan' (because the all the magic you need is within YOU to create your health, happiness and strength) and this is the welcome back episode :)

I share a little about what's been going on in my life since we were last chatting on the podcast, plus all the exciting things to come in this series.

Share with a friend, subscribe on your podcasting platform and spread the word so more women can be in connection on their journey together.

Have a listen here:

One of the things I said was most inspiring me in this episode is my new online membership 'The Circle'. I've been working on creating it for the past 6 months and it's AWESOME. Doors are OPEN NOW and this is your invitation in.

We're a circle of women creating long-term health, strength, peace, power and connection, and the membership combines the best of group coaching, live sessions, weekly content, and support from a powerful, caring group of women. All for less than a couple of coffees a week.

Find out more and join The Circle here.

Welcome in!

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