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The Only Things You Actually Need for a Home Workout

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

You might be thinking that didn't I miss the boat with this post here? Aren't home workouts so last lockdown?


I think there's always room for a home workout. Most of us underestimate them. Being at home doesn't make them any less effective, or potentially enjoyable, than a crowded gym.

Pros of home workouts:

- Time efficiency - you don't have to go anywhere! If time is tight, and you have to get to work on time, or after the kids go to bed, being at home is a MASSIVE advantage as the pausing of every day life is kept to a minimum.

- Low cost - you barely need anything to get going at home with a workout!

- Privacy - if you want to workout in last week's t-shirt and skimpy pants, or topless, or in those leggings with a hole in the crotch, or your tiger onesie, then we're good to go.

- Go at your own pace - removing people can help us remove some temptation to fall into comparison-itis and just concentrate on ourselves. It can therefore be easier to listen to our bodies and how we are actually feeling.

- Great example to set for your pets/children/partner/dust/plant babies - letting your priority to care for yourself be seen by your loved ones is a powerful statement that benefits you and them. Maybe they can join in too?! (maybe not the dust babies).


- a mat-sized space

- yourself

Yep. Really.

Additional items that may give you more options:

- a pair of dumbbells and/or a kettle bell

- a pack of long resistance bands

There are SO many options out there to buy these, but if you're looking for a quick buy (and these are products that I use myself - and I don't earn anything off recommending them), then click the Kit link opposite to see!

How to put together a home workout:

These are the basics that may suit most people looking to get a bit stronger and fitter. All movement patterns won't suit everyone or all goals, but they can provide a general foundation of strength. If you don't know what the names of these exercises mean then hit me up in the comments with your questions!

1. Squat

Any type of squat is amazing to include at home. They build all over strength (including core) and mobility. Types of squat you could include:

  • Air squat

  • Goblet squat

  • Double pulse squat

  • Squat hold

  • Overhead squat

2. Hip hinge

These primarily work your 'back body' i.e, hamstring, glutes, lower back etc. If you don't know how to hinge, them check out my deadlifting video here. Various different moves to include:

  • Deadlift

  • Stiff-legged deadlift

  • Single leg deadlift

  • Good mornings (or single leg good mornings)

  • Glute bridge

  • Hip thrust (requires shoulders to be propped up)

3. Push

Pushes will work your chest muscles, including the front of your shoulders and triceps. Options are:

  • Push ups: wall push ups, box push ups, incline push ups, half push ups, full push ups, decline push ups

  • Chest press

4. Pull

Aim to do more of these than push exercises! These can be harder to achieve at home, hence why the long resistance bands are an idea to help work out your back easier

  • Standing lat pulldown

  • Seated cable row

  • Single arm row

  • Bent over row

  • Prone back extension

  • Floor drags

5. Press

Shoulders! This means getting a weight up and (pressing) over your head. Options are:

  • Standing or seated shoulder press

  • Half kneeling shoulder press

  • Alternating or single arm press

This barely even scratches the surface of what you could do at home, but it's a starting point. And that's what matters - START. Don't worry too much about which exercises you're doing to begin with; the important thing is you are doing them!! It doesn't need to be perfect and you don't have to know what you are doing, just start.

TOP TIP: motivating yourself at home can feel harder than other options sometimes. GET THE TUNES ON FIRST! It really helps, to get a song on that you enjoy, and then it sets the mood. Sign up in your head to doing the just the first set, the first few squats. At that point you could bow out; but more often than not you'll find that mastering showing up to the first few reps is enough to do the whole thing any way.

What are your favourite ways to get moving at home or your top home workout tips? Join in below!

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