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The Effect of Trauma on the Body

Trauma is not something that just 'exists in our mind' - it's not separate from our body or our health.

(One clear example of this is that someone can be doing everything 'right' when it comes to healthful choices, but it's only when unresolved trauma is addressed that all of a sudden we see a jump in 'results'.)

AND, let's be clear, trauma is not about what happens to us. It's about what happens inside of us.

I also don't believe we have to label ourselves in order to be able to benefit from IFS - however we feel now, I'm interested in us feeling better.

More you.

More calm.

More present.

More content.

More self-compassionate.

I can now offer IFS in-person, not just online - having moved into our new home.

Check out what IFS is and how it can help you here.

Is it time for you to feel better?



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