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Self-Care that Actually Works

There’s been a lot of change in my life very quickly recently; moving house from a town to a village, taking on a massive overgrown garden, and to top it all off last week, I finished a decade-long career in teaching to go full-time self-employed at my coaching business.

I've had the question a lot 'how do you feel?' about leaving teaching.

And the honest answer right now, is a little bit of nothing.

It's all happened in one go really, and whilst the last few weeks have been very emotional overall, and very exciting, I think maybe:

1. It's too big to take in right now

2. I'm just a little bit exhausted

So with that in mind, I thought I'd chat about self-care a little today. I feel like actual self-care gets lost in the idealistic ideas around it.

Maybe it's less about bubble baths and more about:

- making time to feed yourself

- going to bed so you can sleep

- making time to wash yourself

- finding a small amount of movement

- breathing slower

And maybe it's a little less basic than that for you, so what does self-care mean for you?

Something you can try:

- grab a piece of paper

- draw a line down the middle

- on one half write 'I feel better when'

- on the other half write 'I feel worse when'

And when you've got this page in front of you, take a breath.

A reminder for you and for me:

This isn’t about feeling fantastic overnight.

That’s asking a lot from yourself.

Instead, it’s about trying actions that help you feel a little bit better, recognizing what really helps, and building from there, one day at a time.

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