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Reasons to work with a PT

Why put off making positive changes? Start now. Maybe one of those changes could be hiring a personal trainer? So what's this personal training thing all about?

Here are some of my reasons why I believe hiring a personal trainer is one of the best investments you will make in your health, fitness and wellness.

1. Accountability and motivation - good personal training is not limited to one hour a week! Your personal trainer is there for the rest of it as well, finding out, advising and motivating about your other workouts, diet and general well being. It's suddenly a lot harder to miss that workout.

2. Confidence - whether you're a seasoned exerciser or a newbie, a PT will give you the confidence to happily and correctly perform all sorts of exercises related to your goals. They'll help, advise and encourage you so that your self worth and body image are more well-rounded, positive and informed.

3. Expertise - yes you could teach yourself Chemistry A level, how to plaster a wall perfectly or to speak French, but having someone who knows what they are doing makes it a WHOLE lot easier. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of it, and makes your goals a whole lot easier to achieve whilst reducing the risk of injury. It will save you a whole load of time and energy!

4. Putting the personal into training - you are an individual, with specific stresses, injuries, likes, dislikes and goals. A personal trainer should adapt your programme throughout your time with them to reflect your challenges, goals and life. In your frantic, often crazy, life, someone else has got your back.

5. Challenge you - whether you have a specific injury or condition, or have reached a plateau in your training, a PT should help you to overcome these. It will allow you to train with greater efficiency and optimize every minute of your workout.

6. Adaptability - want to train at home, in the park, in your lunch break, train for a marathon or another specific location/goal? A PT can do that! You're not chained to the gym and a personal training sessions could give you creativity, the hit of endorphins from getting outside, and the enjoyment of a session that best suits you.

Interested? Drop me an email me if you're interested in finding out more. Let's nail 2019 together!


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