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Non-Scale Victories

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Do you have a hate-hate relationship with the scale like me?!

So you're making changes and wondering how you might like to track your progress?

Or you're sick of those stupid scales and feeling bad about yourself every time you step on right.

Scales can be unhelpful.

It's a random number that does NOT tell the full story.

In fact, nowhere near.

Factors that can cause the number to go up, which are NOT weight gain:

- You did a workout in the last 24 hours

- You need a poo

- You are well hydrated

- You ate a lot of salt in the last 24 hours

- You ate a lot of carbs in the last 24 hours

- You didn't sleep very well last night

- Where you are in your menstrual cycle

SO. Let's not attach our value to that little number eh?

If you do like to use the scales, then I suggest you step on them every day at the same time of day and record a weekly average. You're looking for a trend over time. (Note that this will include perfectly normal fluctuations).

You can also use the scale as just one piece of information in amongst many others.

Or, you can also just not use them at all.

Other ways to track progress:

- Measurements (e.g. neck, shoulder, waist, hips, upper thigh, calf and upper arm). Take these every 4-6 weeks.

- Use a piece of clothing and see how you feel in it over time

- Photos (I tend to find people are not very good at spotting their own changes with these - get an outside perspective and take many over time! From the two sides, front and back)

- Improved & more balanced energy levels

- Better, longer, more restful sleep

- Better recovery

- Healthier skin, hair and nails

- More confidence, body-image and self-esteem

- Less digestive issues, e.g. bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, wind, acid reflux etc.

- Joints feel and move better

- Better mobility

- Feeling happier, more optimistic, calmer, less anxious or stressed,

- Improved ways to manage emotions

- Feeling stronger and more powerful

- Fewer cravings

- Improved ways to manage cravings

- Healthier relationship with food

- Honouring body and health

- Eating to satisfaction

- Enjoying movement

- Less or no guilt/shame around food

- Improved attention span or memory

- Needing less sugar/caffeine

- More co-ordinated

- Hitting PBs (personal bests) in workouts

- Lifting heavier

- Exercising longer, harder or faster

- New skills e.g. cooking, food prepping, stress management etc

- Created other health goals

- Found a like-minded community that supports your goals (hey, we're here!)

Some of my FAVOURITE EVER signs of progress that I've celebrated with my clients in the past include:

- not getting out of breath so much walking up the stairs

- finding it easier to get up off the toilet

- admiring their muscles in the reflection in shop windows


Let's celebrate all of those shall we?

Drop me your small wins below - I would LOVE to celebrate them with you.

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