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Name Change!

I've long felt that I'd outgrown 'The Plan' as a business name.

When I started, it was about helping clear the confusion to find a way forward - the plan.

And as I've grown, my philosophy changed - my work around mind, body and relationship to food is about recognising the magic that is in. In all of its beautiful, messy complexity.

So we're calling ourselves from this point forward:

'Fresh Air &'

‘Fresh Air & ’ helps you move outside the box for yourself: in your health, your habits, how you feel and who you are.

We are

strong & soft

powerful & peaceful

fierce & compassionate

bold & sensual

connected & expansive.

And y'know, I also recognise it doesn't make any difference AT ALL what I call myself/my business

It's still me.

And I still do exactly the same thing: I help you step into strength and self-healing with your mind, body and relationship to food.

Because what DOES matter is helping you change your life.

'Fresh Air &' is about embracing ‘both/and’ instead of ‘either/or’, because our health, emotions, minds, bodies and lives are so much more complex and brilliantly beautiful than the ‘should’ and ‘should nots’. We stand for defining ourselves, strong boundaries, self-compassion and bold action.

So, what do you think?

Do we like?


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