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Inner Critic taking over?

Unpopular opinion:

You don’t need to ignore, fight or try to get in control of your inner critic.

I bet that also hasn’t worked too well for you in the past right?

Actually, deeply connecting to your inner critic can be part of the secret to feeling more worthy inside.

Because your inner critic is only part of you, it isn’t the whole of you.

And so the deeper the compassionate, non-judgemental connection we have with our inner critic, the more our worth becomes known to us.

And the more we can appreciate that our inner critic is only really trying to help or keep us safe (even if the outcomes feel unhelpful or harmful).

Did you may actually have several inner critic? As one of my clients put it, they're kind of lining up around the block for me!

And we actually also have many ways to can work with your inner critic(s):

Options for working with inner critics:

• Develop a trusting relationship with Critic (this is what my free resource is going to help you to do!)

• Get permission to work with Protected Child*

• Heal Protected Child so Critic can relax*

• Introduce Critic to Criticized Child

• Negotiating with Critic to let go in a particular situation

• Critic with legacy burden, releasing it (*more suited within a 1:1 container)

So if you're thinking YES, and you’d like some help with this, I have a new free resource for befriending your inner critic.

You get a meditation to guide you inside to meet you inner critic, journal prompts and an exclusive bonus workshop to deepen this connection.

Because, by reading this, I know we want change and for our inner critic not to torment us so much.

Here’s the invitation.

It’s free, and it’s available here now.


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