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How to reach your potential, without crashing and burning

Try these stress-management tips if you're looking for inspiration and energy to DO THE THING and get on those health & fitness goals.

This blog post has new year vibes all over it right? WELL, it does - and it doesn't.

Because the last think I want for you is the continuation of that cycle of stop/start/shame etc.

So this is more focused, less on January, and more on just using January as one way to get the ball rolling - for good.

1. Set realistic goals and then KEY: COME BACK TO THEM EVERY DAY

Can we have less logical brain, boring goals that kill the dream dead/become another too rigid set of rules to feel bad about not doing. I love this model for goals instead - less 'smart' more 'dumb'.

DUMB goals are:

Dream-driven: in your wildest dreams and ideal scenarios, what does life look, feel, move like etc.Who is it with? What is each part of your day like? How do you feel? What do you do? How do you move?

Uplifting: what inspires and excites you? What lights you up inside? What drives you forward positively?

Measurable: can we measure progress in any way?

Behaviour-driven: what behaviours are the small steps to the long-term success or dream? What does a morning, afternoon or evening look like of someone who is ‘pre-’ e.g. if the dream is to be rich, what are the behaviours and actions look like right now of someone who is ‘pre-rich’?

Once you have your goals, create them in a way that feels tangible: get some affirmations written up, a vision board, a meditation/visualisation or a journalling practice that allows you to connect to that vision (how you want to feel) every single day.

2. Start with ONE SMALL action each day.

I'm talking 10 seconds to 2 minutes maximum. And I like to use this as a good check: on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is I asked you to jump out of a plane/eat prawns/stay up until 6am, and 10 is happy, confident and comfortable I could do it, where does that action sit on this scale?

If it's not a 9 or a 10, can you find reduce it further to make it a 9 or a 10.

Get comfortable doing that small action for 2 weeks before you even think of adding on. The magic, the secret sauce, is in showing up for yourself.

That's what you master with this step.

3. Track your progress

And that doesn't have to be spreadsheets and numbers etc, it might be a simple habit tracker, or a weekly written reflection on how you're feeling, and what you want to do more of next week. It might be a conversation with someone/a group who are working on the same goals or are part of your support team.

4. Get support from your coach or mentor

You don't have to work one-to-one with someone, or even know them for them to be a mentor for you. Choose someone who gives you the feel-good-about-yourself vibes, who inspires you - or maybe challenges you in a good way.

Definitely steer away from anyone who creates shame, urgency, comparisons, shoulds or judgements on you - I'm guessing you wouldn't be reading this, if that was your vibe.

And if all of that is sounding good, then it's just a taste of what you could be experiencing with me - I also have an invitation for you :)

My online membership, The Circle, is an online circle of women creating long term health, strength, confidence, peace, power and connection. It's combines the best of small group coaching, live classes, weekly content and daily support.

Ever wanted to figure out your health for the long term, holistically, and with true kindness and compassion for yourself?

You want to look at the bigger picture: movement, mindset, nutrition, sleep, stress and behaviour change, but you don't want it to take hours of your week?

Have you every felt the unique, powerful, caring energy a group of women generate in support of each other?

Then c'mon in.

Doors open on January 16th - you can learn more and join the wait list here. Special BONUS for those in first on the wait list (full heads up: after Jan, doors won't open again until April-time).


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