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Full Lower Body Workout (including warm up!)

Ok, so we're after the gains here right?

This is just a flavour of my style of training: we're going to keep it simple. We need just a couple of movement patterns, with 4-6 exercises. BIG compound lifts that make every muscle in your body work. These suggestions are going to fit intermediate lifters the best, but check out the alternatives too!

You can also split these into two separate leg day workouts if so inclined. 3x12 reps is a fairly safe recommendation for you to start - without knowing your more specific experience or goals!

First, the warm up:


Now note, I don't necessarily mean you have to squat, as in the exercise. I mean squat as in the movement pattern: knee dominant lifts. So please note if the suggestions below don't suit you, then there are alternatives.

A - Front squat

Why we love a front squat? High impact for low load. Alternative: goblet squat

B - Reverse lunge

Take all reps on one side first for more intensity, then hit the other leg.


C - The deadlift

My fave. Hits lower back, glutes, hamstring amongst EVERYTHING else. Alternative: hip thrust

D - Single leg deadlift

We do both leggies separately now. Hold on to something if you need to, tap the foot down if you need to: embrace the wobble, you are going to fall out of it at some point.

Watch the demos here:

These are just one of very many options friends. Throw in some accessory lifts if you like (who doesn't love a lateral, copenhagen and glute bridge after all?!) but these are going to hit quads, hamstrings and glutes.

Your legs'll thank me (maybe after a day or so recovery!)

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