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Emotional eating a struggle?

I googled emotional eating. Every resource, article etc. was about *fighting* your inner emotional eater.

A different approach: we don’t need to stop, fight, or gain control of this part of you.

All that does is escalate the situation, and put you through a cycle of eat, shame, restrict, repeat. It might feel loud, chaotic or out of control inside when we take this approach.

We might meet emotional eating in many different ways, and we might use the words 'binge' to describe what's going on, or we might recognise it when we're seeking comfort, or when stress, boredom, sadness, etc kicks in.

What's usually a common feeling is that it feels a little (or a lot) 'out of control'.

Like you couldn't stop even if you wanted to.

Then afterwards, you can't believe what's happened, inner critic might step in, or the parts who shame you.

It is possible for things to be different.

Intention 1: let’s create awareness (without judgement) of what’s going on here

Intention 2: how can we meet this with kindness and curiosity?

Kindness and curiosity aren’t wishy washy: offering that inside of yourself is not going to give permission to your inner emotional eater to do whatever it likes and take over your life more.

Kindness and curiosity are also action-takers. They require calm, and courage too.

Listening to your inner emotional eater, lets you see how hard they’ve been working to keep you safe and protected.

Instead, it’s the pathway to real compassion.

It’s the pathway to real courage.

It's the pathway to real change.

It's the pathway to a different way of living.

If you'd like some help with your emotional eating, and getting to know your inner emotional eater, then I have a new FREE resource for you: it's going to guide you through creating awareness.

It's going to help you create space, see patterns and identify feelings.

It's going to help you see that your inner emotional eater is a part of you, not ALL of you.

And I'm going to throw in an exclusive bonus (still free!!) workshop to deepen this work you'll have started too.

It's available here.

(and did I mention it's entirely free?)



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