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Yoga: Super and Easy Tips

So you want to start yoga? Or you'd like to reconnect with it in a different way; more joy, more ease, more you.

This week I'm sharing ways that you can find both the EASY and the SUPER in your new or not-so-new practice. If you're not sure what yoga is about, then catch me chatting on the podcast this week about it:

Your super and easy tips:

1. Set an Intention

Yes, you might just want to dive straight into moving, but just try pausing first. My favourite way to do this is to take three slow breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth (and if you practice or breathe with me you know we never miss this!).

Why? Because our brains are probably overloaded. The constant information, sights, news and decision in our lives might mean we step onto our mat with all of this in our brain.

Setting an intention doesn't have to be complicated or hippy or woo woo. It just means get clear on why you're doing this. Are you coming to your mat to relax? To pause? To connect with your body? To give yourself some kindness? To be in the moment? To connect to our breath? Getting clear on this first can help determine the type of practice you want to do, and how you choose to move during your practice. What you do and what you skip.

2. Play with Ease vs Effort

This may be linked to your intention above, but as you practice, are you finding ease in the pose? Are your passively sinking into the posture or the stretch? Or are you going to be active, apply effort and use your strength and stability?

Where does that balance lie for you? Certainly the answer doesn't lie in what perhaps the yoga teacher is telling you to do. What's easy? What's playful? What's a stretch for you? What sends you out of your comfort zone?

What fits best for your practice today, for this pose, for this breath?

3. Focus on the Transition

Linked to both your intention and your ease vs effort spectrum, focus on the transitions between the poses. If your intention is to find ease, maybe you take the option for child's pose much more; maybe you don't try that variation that is offered, maybe you skip out a harder pose or miss some vinyasas and take the easy option. Slow it right down.

Or if your intention is strength and sweat, then maybe you do all the chatarangas and vinyasas, ease into deeper into the pose, take all the core options!

This awareness of the ease vs effort and the transition will help you have more awareness around what is a struggle for you, and what you are pursuing for ego vs what feels good in your body.

4. Use your breath

Yes, hopefully you are aware of your breath anyway, but how often do you actually truly let it be your guide? How does it feel to not control it? How does it feel to control it?

Be playful; inhale where you are cued to exhale and vice versa. What difference dos it make for you?

Remember, there is NO RIGHT WAY of doing yoga. It's not about being able to do it or not. It's about your body, your breath and what feels right for you.

Do you have any yoga questions? No question is silly to ask, I remember it being all a little confusing to begin with! Let me know below.

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