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Where Do I Start?

So you're wanting to make changes to your health, fitness and how you feel?

Then congratulations on your commitment towards your goals!

This is, in fact, the biggest and most important step. I am so proud of you for getting to this stage. Feeling that need for change and being ready to act on it is the gateway into everything else.

It can also be a painful place to be.

When you're ready to start making changes, it can feel hugely uncomfortable, frustrating, overwhelming, exciting and scary! When you know what you're doing is no longer working for you, but figuring out how to start making changes is often the hardest bit.

1. Show up for yourself.

This is the most powerful thing you can do, is to learn how to show up for yourself. Sometimes, we've a long way in the opposite direction, and our self-confidence and self-efficacy can be at full ebb.

So I'd suggest starting small: make a small promise to yourself and keep it. An easy one to begin with is to start by making the bed. When you start to keep these promises you make for yourself, even though they sound too small, too easy, not impactful enough, what you are actually doing is building the habit and identity of someone how shows up for themselves. Someone who invests in themselves. And that identity is POWERFUL. Someone who shows up for themselves sees the value in themselves.

Keeping those small promises builds confidence, and that in turn builds competence; you get BETTER at showing up for yourself. That breeds momentum, leading to more changes and that feels GOOD.

2. Start with your physical body.

Often a useful gateway to change is starting with your physical body, especially if you feel like you have a lot of changes you want to make. Making changes to help your physical body influences your mind, emotions and builds the confidence to then start making changes in other areas.

I believe one of ways exercise does that is that it allows you to redefine impossible for ourselves.

Our mind limits us more than our bodies ever do. We look at the workout and we think we can't do it. But we surprise ourselves by getting it done. We think we can't do those last couple of reps, but somehow we do them and we surprise ourselves.

Working on your fitness allows energy levels to rise, the mind to be clear, and it helps with stress management.

And starting with exercise doesn't need to be a tough workout. Start with a 5 or 10 minute walk.

3. Don't stay stuck

Just because it sounds easy and obvious, doesn't mean that it is. I hear this a lot with fitness and nutrition: I know what to do, I just can't seem to do it. We think we should be able to figure it out and when we find it tough or we give up, it erodes our confidence and self-efficacy. Making changes is HARD. It involves unpicking a lot of hard-wired patterns, ways of thinking, restructuring our environment, and embracing levels of discomfort and vulnerability that can feel very scary.

So don't stay stuck. Don't tell yourself that it's easy and you should just be able to do it. Instead, offer yourself some kindness, and acknowledge that what you're trying to do is tough, and is going to require patience and kindness from yourself to get there. But you can do it. When you persevere, you are powerful; and persevering with someone else on your team who knows you, has been there before and can guide you is even more powerful. Ask for help.

So, no matter if you've tried and given up in the past. No matter if you've find ways that don't work for you. No matter if you're not sure that you can do it.

You're here reading this because there's a small voice in you that believes that this change is for you. That knows you can do it. That you're ready for it. And that knows there's another level of confidence, energy, peace, power and strength for you to experience.

How about you do it with us? If you're ready for change, then check out my coaching options here (my group coaching programme is starting Jan 24th, and there's still time to join us!)

What questions do you have about making changes and how can I help you with them?

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