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What I am all about - TRAINING

I think this video best sums up my approach to training. It's not about the pull up. It's about what it represents. Taking simple principles, effective exercises and applying them consistently. And in time, they add up to something incredibly surprising I love it when a workout with me leaves you buzzing. Because it's become more than just physical. It's where we work on our mindset. We become stronger, not just physically, but mentally. We grow in confidence, it empowers us to believe in the impossible and change the stories we tell ourselves. We break down barriers that we've put up ourselves Every body is uniquely different, and exercise and movement will therefore look different for everyone. Don't compare yourself to my pull up. Through training, we learn to redefine ourselves, carve out positive change and love the body we're in. We focus on what we are gaining, not what we are losing, and in a way that fits into our lifestyle sustainably and enjoyably. That's what a training with me is all about.


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