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Week Three of Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

We did it. We made it through and came out the other side with a certificate for our 200 hour yoga teacher training. It may sound cheesy but I am so grateful for all the new, exciting, eye-opening and moving experiences I've had and the connections, full of love and kindness, I've made. Week 3 saw us finishing our teaching assessments with the final classes being taught on Tuesday. My final class was last Sunday, and I had a massive wobble in self-confidence! It surprised me given how long I've been teaching (chemistry and fitness), but this is going back to the beginning again, and we worry about it because we care about doing it well. I got through it and everyone gave lovely feedback - plus I actually enjoyed it this time! Two highlights of our free time were Buti Yoga (think fitness, tribal dance and yoga mashed together - I was in my ELEMENT) and an ecstatic dance session, where everyone moves their body however they like to the music (no phones or cameras allowed!). Being at Suryalila gave me to space and freedom to try these new things with a completely open mind and they were just fantastic. We finished off the rest of our classes in the remainder of the week, waving goodbye to our anatomy teacher Jennilee on Tuesday and our Asana teacher Lisa on Thursday - we all learnt a song and sang it in a circle to bid them farewell which was all immensely happy and emotional ❤️ Yesterday was jam-packed. We had our final class with Vidya where we rocked out a theme of celebration and arm balances, and then spent two hours toiling in the garden as part of our karma yoga - hot and soooo sweaty but immensely satisfying. Our closing ceremony was in the Dome in the evening, with each of us receiving our certificate and a hug from Vidya. We finished with a circle of resounding Oms and then had dinner outside on the terrace with a live Spanish band. Everyone was on their feet and dancing! And so I enter the world of yoga teaching. I am so excited to share what I have learnt and practice and develop with you! My classes will start in September at @thefitnessgarage so watch this space. Come and join me!



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