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The real reason I coach

There's another reason I do what I do that I don't talk about that often

When I journey with you on your fitness, nutrition, mindset, sleep, stress, relationship to food and your body, what I also do is this...

I add my tiny piece to the dream of a society where women - and us as a human collective - are free

Because what would the world be like, what change would happen, if women stood in their power, strength, confidence and peace?

What would the world be like if all the headspace that's currently taken up by the inner critic, disgust at ourselves and/or our bodies, the decision making around food, exhaustion and survival mode, just wasn't there - and we could use that headspace for something else entirely?

What moves would we make as women if we operated from a place of inner calm, freedom, rest and relaxation?

How would we bring up our children, what would we bring to the workplace, how would we care for this earth, what legacy would we be passing on if we bring our most powerful, authentic, unencumbered selves to the world?

That's why I do this work

Because it's more than coaching

It's an invitation to stand in the world of our own making together, and co-create it into something more compassionate, more equitable, more peaceful.

So yes, it's absolutely about you feeling the way you want to feel - and when we do so, it's also for every woman out there

With every weight we lift, every movement of our body, every step we take towards mental and emotional freedom, every moment we take to invest in ourselves...

We claim back the inner worth that society, culture, politics and systems tried to remove from us and sell back to us

And we do that for all of us ✨💪.

Thanks for coming to my 'I have a dream' speech 😆 find out more about coaching with me and how to apply here.

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