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Struggling to Find a Way of Eating that Actually Sticks?

Whether you're feeling confused and frustrated about food, struggle to find a way of eating that sticks, or would like a more peaceful, guilt-free relationship to food, then this is for you...

When it comes to improving our nutrition, we're often told we should or shouldn't do certain things. We even, quite often, know a lot - have read a lot, listened to podcasts, tried A LOT of things. It's not necessarily information we're missing.

And STILL we struggle to find something that actually sticks and works for us.

Does any of this below sound familiar, or what you associate with trying to improve your nutrition?

If so, you are not alone AND there is a reason why this stuff doesn't work very well.

For instance, I've seen nutrition coaches who only ask for detailed food diaries and then recommend healthy swaps, or prescribe a daily calorie budget, and that's it. (Just to note, these things *can* be helpful, I'm not saying they're bad BUT context is everrrrrrrrrything).

Because these things don't work when there is a load of stuff going on underneath the surface:

There are parts of us who want to eat, and there are parts of us that don't want us to eat - fueled by various reasons and emotions.

They are equally valid and absolutely try to help and protect us. All of these parts of your deserve love, compassion and listening to (even if other parts of you aren't so keen on them, or don't like the outcomes of their behaviour!)

But it means it makes sense that swapping that packet of crisps for a cucumber isn't going to work if the reason we're reaching for that packet of crisps is because we associate it with feeling safe when we were a child, at the end of a long stressful day and it represents a tiny moment for ourselves.

It makes sense that a strict way of eating that ignores the hungry parts of us, the parts of us that use food to escape from emotions arising from a difficult relationship or situation, or where we place our sense of self worth - it MAKES SENSE that that wouldn't work. Right?!

So what is the way forward then?

It’s in getting to know and working with these parts as a team that we find true freedom, a style of eating that sticks and truly adds to our health.

You might be thinking at this point: but I just to lose weight [or insert own relevant goal here]. I don't need or have time for this deeper work. Things will be better if I just lose a bit of weight. I'll feel better and in a better place to then contemplate some of this stuff. How about if I just lose 5kg and THEN I'll do some work on my relationship with food?

Totally get you.

Totally makes sense that you'd be asking that.

There is nothing to say you cannot have specific appearance, aesthetic or weight loss goals intentionally in the future - but when we have done the deeper work around our relationship to food first, these goals can sit in an entirely different context.

They are not driven by shame, or parts of us that struggle. We can set these goals from a place of knowing ourselves, of peace, of teamwork within us and a deep compassion for ourselves.

Trust me when I say SO MUCH MORE is possible from that place. Both in how you feel, and in how you look.

If a lot of this lands for you, then I invite you on into Home: my 16 week online group journey to come to your relationship to food, your mind and your body. You can find allllllll the details of what to expect, what we cover and how it works here.

The party bus leaves 4th September and doors are open until 3rd September.

Imagine what life might be like in 16 weeks having gone on this journey.

How you're going to hit 2024 in the lightest, most free, peaceful and joyous place with yourself ever.

Come on in.


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