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Missing that gut feeling?

Sometimes we might just know (especially in hindsight?!) when something is very right or very wrong for us.

And we maybe kinda knew at the time, but just ignored it.

I’d say there’s a couple of types of ‘gut feeling’.

One is that thing we call intuition, one is not.

One that feels a little more cramped, urgent, constrictive, is the gut feeling that comes from our early programming. The stuff that kept us safe. It’s our nervous system responding to a threat. It can feel an immediate, automatic, knee-jerk reaction. It’s high emotion. It's urgent. It's loud. It's the default.

The other type of gut feeling (hola intuition!) tend to feel calmer, more spacious, less like there’s an agenda, non-urgent. Slowweeeerrrrrr. Sometimes it comes in whispers, the open space, the after I’ve slept on it kinda feelings.

I used to think I lacked intuition. Like, I was missing some DNA or something! Just not there.

What I lacked was really:

  • Understanding of myself, and my previous experiences

  • Low awareness and connection to my body

  • I was distracted, stressed and looking for answers everywhere but myself (I’d be the one polling everyone I know about which decision to make!)

None of this is anyone's fault.

Sometimes we're taught, or we have experiences, where we didn't learn to trust ourselves.

It might not have been safe to.


I invite you now...

Lean into the difference with open-hearted curiosity.

Create space & stillness.

Those soft whispers that we miss unless we create space for them - that's sometimes where they first appear.

I believe there is deep wisdom in your body.

It’s why I do the work I do around helping you come home to yourself, in mind, body and relationship to food.

We build trust in ourselves.

And part of that is our intuition.


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