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Life after Yoga Teacher Training

I'm not going to lie, it was a bumpy road down! Three weeks of sunshine, love, amazing food three times a day and so much yoga will do that for you. The community was the most loving, supportive and positive community I have ever had the privilege of sharing Things I was glad to leave behind: continually swatting at critters when outdoors to try and find out what's biting you next. Sitting so much on hard floors. That's it! If I could've moved my husband and a gym out there it would've been perfect! But of course you come back to your real life and have to try and navigate the new lessons you learnt into a lot of preexisting commitments and habits. The weirdest bit was people thinking I'd just gone on holiday for three weeks and trying to communicate what the experience was actually like! It was a physical, intellectual and spiritual bashing, and I wasn't expecting that. I felt, and do still feel, a lot like a different person Biggest life lessons I brought back with me: yoga is a philosophy which is applicable to everyone and every body. It's a way of life, not (just) a workout. I will meditate every day for the rest of my life. I no longer want to support the cow industry, mainly for the hideous environmental impacts it has. You can find peace even in the busiest of lives. Anatomy still rocks my socks. Figs picked straight off the tree taste divine. I am a free, creative, joyful human being all the time - no matter how rubbish a day or week I am having. Learning how to breathe can change your life After my course I did ten practice hours of teaching yoga (mainly with existing clients, thank you lovely people 💕) and then I launched into the scary world of my own class - you can now come join me for relaxation, strength and suppleness 💪🙏



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