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Last week I didn't do any exercise!

Last week I had one of the worst weeks ever - in terms of exercise at least!

It must have been the least amount of exercise I have done in ages.

I didn't run, didn't lift, my daily meditating habit fell apart.

And y'know: whilst not wanting to this week to be like last week, I was OK with it.

We have weeks like that.

To get back on track:

1. Be relentless and not consistent

Consistent seems to suggest that we have to be doing something allllllll the time. Relentless means, keep trying at it - if you stop, then start again if it's important to you.

Is doing something inconsistently over 10 years better than doing it consistently?


But inconsistently is better than not at all, because you're waiting for the perfect time to be able to do it consistently.

You'd do a heck of a lot more doing something inconsistently for years, compared to putting it off until you can do it perfectly - and doing nothing!

Also - I had been doing less exercise, so I wanted to do less of it. Ever had that feeling? It's harder to get back into it the longer you leave it?

Well, the action wasn't there. And the motivation follows the action.

So start again - allow yourself to start smaller, and more imperfectly than you'd like.

The motivation will then return.

2. Put yourself at the top of the priority list.

My to-do list is no less intense this week, my week is no less busy.

If I were to wait for things to calm down before getting back on track, it might never happen. So put yourself at the top of your priority list.

For me, that looks like the first free hour in the day I get: that's when the workout is happening and the rest of the list can wait until afterwards.

Maybe that's the hour before school/work/the kids wake up, or the hour directly after it, but


you'll always be at the beck and call of other people's priorities

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My bad doom scrolling habit is following politics on twitter. I think I do it looking for hope. Maybe today is the day some scoundrel politician will finally get their comeuppance and the more compassionate, rational and hopefully at least SANE ones will rise in public esteem! Keeping in mind I’m American so this is probably too much to ask for. 😆 But you’re right, there’s better ways to spend my time!

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