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How to Get to Know the Eating Parts

Recently, we met some examples of some of the parts of us we might have around eating, and eating as a coping mechanism (catch up here if you're not sure what I mean by that!).

The key things here:

These are parts of you, they are not ALL of you. Which means there is a 'you' separate from these thoughts and feelings around food.

All of these parts want to help and protect us. There are NO bad parts. By getting to know them, we can create more space and appreciation for all of these parts which means they ultimately can be less likely to take over when they know you are listening to them, helping them and can even heal some of the distress or shame.

Often these parts are frozen in time, taking on the beliefs and behaviours that they needed to keep you safe back then.

They're often exhausted, lonely, and believe that they are on their own in protecting you in this way.

Here is one example of how we can get to know some of our eating parts:

Want to know more about these parts? I chatted more about the different types of parts here.

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