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How 10 minutes of Yoga a Day can Change Everything

Let me start by saying this practice doesn't just have to be about yoga. In terms of stress management, you'd be surprised what just 10 seconds of rest throughout the day can do!

But I thought it might be nice to round up some of my recent YouTube vids as they are easy 10-20 minute practices. They could easily fit into your day first thing in the morning or before bed, or as a quick movement break. Or how about treating them as a 4 day challenge?

For all of these practices you need just yourself (although a pair of blocks or books can often make poses feel a lot more comfortable!) and a mat-sized space.

Day 1 - Beginner Sun Salutation A Yoga Flow (10 minutes)

Sun salutations are a set sequence of moves that are wonderful for stretch and strengthening. You move with your breath (as opposed to holding the poses for a long time).

Day 2 - Stretch and Strengthen your Legs

This is the longest of the practices, but it is an amazing way to make the most of whatever time you have - we work the main muscles in our legs as well as stretch everything out as well.

Day 3 - Core and Shoulder Workout

Ready to work a little in this one? We work through various core movement, including working our side body (the obliques). Your shoulders will get a quick blast here too from the planks!

Day 4 - Stretch and Strengthen your Lower Back (10 minutes)

I think this one will be SO needed for a lot of people. Whether you have a job that is physically demanding or one that requires a lot of sitting, a bit of love for our lower back can go a long way.

I would LOVE to hear how you get on! Did you enjoy any of these?

And if you'd like more of these short videos (on something specific?) let me know too!!

Either comment below or you can drop in for a chat on social media @theplanbycaroline everywhere :)

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