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Getting Back on Track

How to cope after an overindulgence...

We all have those days/weekends/weeks - the special ones where there's a break from routine and the opportunity to indulge. I've been away the past couple of weekends,  getting back from Belfast yesterday evening. It's fair to say that last weekend was a 'naughty’ one (see pic!), including (multiple) burgers, chips, alcohol, toblerone and a full English! I'd imagine with the Christmas season revving up, a lot of you might be in the same boat as me; wondering what to do to get back on track after a break from the norm. Here's my plan this week:

1. Don't beat myself up about it.

Life happens. And that's ok. Give yourself permission to enjoy it whilst it's happening. No matter how bad my food choices have been this weekend, I know it's only a small part of my overall nutrition and, with a habit of making mindful choices the rest of the time, I know it won't make that much difference. So it's ok that a full English and toblerone was my breakfast on Sunday - I enjoyed it!

2. Tweak my daily routine

I will either squeeze in another short workout or add an extra 10 minutes or so onto my workouts this week, to make up for the lost workout over the weekend. This way I can easily make up lost ground without having to make any dramatic change to what I normally do. Adding that extra bit of walking in can make a great difference too!

3. Drink plenty of water

No matter how careful I've been, after a busy weekend of travelling, socialising and eating things I normally don't eat, I know I will be dehydrated to some degree or other. So I will be extra careful to look after myself with big cups of green tea and plenty of water, especially in the next couple of days.

4. Make the first day back count

I'm going to get straight back into it - none of this 'oh well I'll give myself Monday and then think about it’. Acting straight away will set up your good intentions for the rest of the week and make you more likely to commit to them. So get that extra workout scheduled for Monday night.

5. Up the veggies

I know after the extra salt, fat and sugar in the food when I've been eating out, my body will benefit most from a lovely large amount of varied and colourful fruit and veggies which will get me back to feeling full of energy ASAP. Bring on the carrot sticks, blueberries and (raw) spinach for snack time! Getting organised and pre-prepping this will really help you.

Remember, that a healthy lifestyle should always be about being sustainable, balanced and mindful of your mind and body. You're not in this short term but for the long haul, so you don't give up everything you love, just moderate it. Enjoy the chocolate/glass of wine/takeaway but then re-set, refocus and get back to those goals!

What're your best ways of recovering from a bit of indulgence?


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