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Could your emotional eating be due to this?

There is one link between how feel and what we eat that I have been DYING to talk about. Today we're discussing one potentially overlooked reason behind emotional eating - one we need to be talking about more. Especially as women.

Pleasure in the bedroom. Sex. Orgasm.

Yes indeed.

What happens in the bedroom is a HUGE source of satisfaction and pleasure (partner or no partner - you can pleasure yourself after all). Most of us are sexual beings. So if our lives are low on joy and entertainment and time and pleasure for ourselves, with sexual pleasure being a part of that, how likely are we to head to the ice cream tub and/or prosecco?

That's not to say sexual pleasure is the ONLY way to find pleasure of course, but it is one important area we could be neglecting that directs us straight to the chocolate bar.

The heart of it is:

A lot of us are actually strangers to pleasure.

It's been conditioned out of us; it's greedy and selfish and wanton and wild. Sometimes we're taught to contain it, deny it, or never even develop a connection with it. We're told we don't deserve it.

When we feel there's not enough of it, we might then look for pleasure in food. Food feels like a treat. And we're reaching for the biscuits, pizza, chocolate or wine to satisfy us.

What are some of the ways you can reach for more pleasure in your life?

Explore some of these ideas for more joy:

  • explore touch that you enjoy: physical touch is a core human need and you can explore this in so many ways. All of these ideas can be done with someone else and definitely solo too. The material your clothes, a blanket or your bedding is made out of, a hug, resting your hands on your heart, sex and/or masturbation, stroking your skin, massage, getting a facial or your nails done, dance, cuddle a pet etc.

  • take note of the joy in the simple moment (pretty much anything): That first sip of coffee in the morning, taking a bath, hearing the right song at the right moment, the sunset, a peaceful place to sit, the smell of an aromatic candle, clothes fresh out of the dryer etc.

  • meaningful work (which may not be your actual work): the place where you lose yourself in flow e.g. a yoga class, a creative endeavor, a hobby, cooking,

So yes this conversation is about sex. But it's also a wider conversation about SATISFACTION and PLEASURE.

What if it wasn't wanton?

What if it wasn't wild?

What if it wasn't selfish?

What if it wasn't greedy?

What if you believed you deserved pleasure in your life?

If you need it, then here's your invitation.

Go out and seek the pleasure in a way that feels good for you.

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