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22 Questions that Help me Feel Well in 2022

Fitness and wellness is can feel a bit of a cliche. But wellness becomes real for me - and what I therefore use to underpin all of my coaching - when I define it like this.

Wellness is not just about:

  • The way we move or workout our bodies

  • What we choose to eat

  • Whether or not we feel good about ourselves, our bodies, or our food choices

Wellness for me also encompasses:

  • Being able to sit with and process difficult emotions

  • Creating the space we need to feel and be ourselves

  • Practising the boundaries we need

  • Feeling comfortable in our bodies, physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Understanding the deeper patterns we might have inherited or learnt

  • Exploring our playfulness, creativity & and sense of peace

  • Building the realtionship with have our minds, our bodies, and with others

  • Exploring our place in the world, greater issues and engaging in the changes we'd like to see

  • Acting from, creating, connecting and listening from the heart of ourselves

  • Knowing all of these can't happen at once!

  • When our pursuit of this wellness actually means more headspace for our LIFE, for things outside of ourselves, for JOY and a lot of laughter

With these in mind, I was reflecting on questions I've used this year to step, in small and big ways, into feeling more wellness in my life. I hope they help you today:

1. What makes me feel better?

2. What makes me feel worse?

3. What do I need right now?

4. What story am I telling myself right now? Is it true?

5. What's one kind thing I could do right now?

6. How am I breathing in this moment?

7. What will I feel like afterwards?

8. Who am I trying to become?

9. What's another way?

10. Where am I numbing or covering up my own needs?

11. Is this a helpful coping mechanism right now?

12. Does this align with who I want to be?

13. What feels peaceful?

14. How could this feel easier or more fun?

15. What am I putting my identity in?

16. What's the next tiny step forward?

17. How am I really feeling?

18. What am I seeking to feel right now?

19. How can I care for my body today?

20. What feels like ease, peace and joy?

21. What can - and what can't I - handle right now?

22. What can I say no to?

Which question do you need or could use today?

Caroline x


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