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Exercises for a Strong Back

Whether our backs are pain free or struggling a little, there are actions we can take that can help our backs now - and future proof them too. Today, here are some ideas to strengthen and build a stable, pain-free back and how to reduce or eliminate existing back pain (please seek help from a professional if you have a specific back injury!).

This phase, our small group personal training are focusing on core and spine, and here are three of the big main moves we're going to get up to:

Curl Up

Stick your tongue to the top of your mouth, raise your elbows and lead with the chest.

Bird Dog

Don't raise your arm/leg too high, keep them low. Make your outstretched hand into a fist, and control the movement from side-to-side as much as you can as you switch sides.

Side Plank

Avoid saggy hips!! You can also stagger the feet here for more stability.

Curious why I'm suggesting these three? Look up Stuart M. McGill, PhD, who specialises in spine biomechanics.

Want to try small group personal training? We focus on compassion-first, simple and effective strength training (plus we have a good laugh together too!). Check out more here for your intro offer.


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