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You could load up another YouTube video. 
You could head to the gym and figure it out yourself.
But this is done for you.
Simple, effective, progressive training that make your workouts and your life easier with one-to-one support and accountability

12 Week Programme

The 12 weeks is planned in 4 week blocks, each with a particular focus:

  • endurance

  • hypertrophy (muscle-building)

  • more strength-focused. 


Home or Gym

You can switch in between the two programmes at the end of each 4 week block as required (just email me a week in advance of the current block ending!).

At home: long resistance band + small weights (you'll get by just find with a couple of dumbbells and one heavier kettlebell)

At the gym: only the most common pieces of equipment are utilised: a barbell (if appropriate to you), dumbbells, a lat pulldown machine etc.


One-to-One Support & Accountability

I'll be able to see the workouts you do as you log them on the app, and you can comment on your workout and directly message me for questions, feedback, celebrations etc. Feel peace of mind that you're working out safely with video form checks and feedback. We'll also do a weekly check in via message/email; because we're a team and we're doing it together.


Fits into your life and your budget

Start (almost) instantly! You'll receive an email invite to the app within 24 hours and can specify your start date upon purchasing.

Three weekly workouts (with options to do more or less) come in at just £12/week. That is WAY cheaper than any one-to-one personal training. A great workout and peace of mind.

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