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Making something can is an uplifting way to practice and enjoy mindfulness. Stitch your favourite affirmation to have it always close to hand!


Your finished embroidery can be hung up on the wall, on a shelf, on a Christmas tree, or given as a gift. Stocking stuffer alert!


This kit covers only one basic stitch (back stitch). It is perfect for those who want to try out a new craft without it being overwhelming. This kit is also perfect for younger ages (about age 8+).


The kit comes with everything you need to make one hoop:

- 3 inch embroidery hoop

- fabric printed (using water soluble ink) with the affirmation

- embroidery needle

- 2 colours of embroidery thread

- a 3 inch wooden disc for the back of the hoop 

- basic instructions (see link below for detailed instructions)


Additional support, tips and instructions can be found here:

(this page is password protected: the password will be in your kit!)


Affirmations available:

- I am enough

- The magic is within me

- I have got this

- I am strong

- I am confident

- I choose joy

- Breathe


Not included: scissors, PVA glue.

Mini Affirmation Embroidery Kit