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What I am all about - ME

My name's Caroline - hi! I am a personal trainer and coach. I currently also work full time as a chemistry teacher, although hopefully not for too much longer! My life is busy and hectic so I completely get when my clients' lives are like that too

First exercise I ever took up seriously was running and I've trained for a few races including Edinburgh marathon in 2016. Now I prefer a mix of strength training and yoga - I am doing my yoga teacher training in Spain this summer!

I love pull ups, being upside down, feeling cosy, fresh air, blueberries and my husband Peter (he's camera shy, you won't ever see him on here!). I love getting lost in a good book and I can be really stubborn.

I take on a small number of one-to-one clients with a wide variety of goals. I really CARE about my clients. They all choose their level of accountability and I'm hands on with providing the level of support they need. I find it so rewarding and such a privilege to be helping them along their health and fitness journey.

I'm going to write several posts all under the idea of 'what am I all about' - so check out my next one when I'm going to discuss training!


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